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The Care Workers’ Charity, have been working hard to support care workers through times of crisis by supplying financial support, signposting to resources, and providing access to services. They are the only benevolent fund for paid care workers in the UK. 

Care Workers are among the lowest-paid workers in the UK and yet they play such a vital role in our aging society. The Care Workers Charity aim is to promote parity of esteem with health, campaign and raise awareness of social care and provide insight into the issues affecting care workers. 

Supporting care workers has a ripple effect within the social care sector and our society in general as without care workers, those who rely on care and their families would suffer and in turn, our national health system would struggle further under the strain. The CWC grants have supported many care workers to stay in the sector when times get tough. 

Since 2016 they have supported over 11,700 care workers with £5.9 million in grants.

The Care Workers Charity Connected to Care 2024

The Care Workers Charity Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software (PCS) have worked alongside The Care Workers Charity for several years. We value the work they are doing to support carers.   

PCS have donated and supported The Care Workers Charity by Supporting with Professional Care Workers Week and Glad to Care along with donating a prize to their Christmas Giveaways.  

Last year, 535 of you downloaded the Glad to Care Toolkit which enabled Person Centred Software to donate a whopping £1,070. Can we raise it this year? 

We are delighted to announce again, that we will be donating £2 to The Care Workers Charity for everyone that downloads the Glad to Care Toolkit this year! 

Let’s help raise funds for a very worthy cause! 

If you would like to donate, please use the donate to the Care Workers Charity please use the button below