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A huge part of #GladtoCare is all about raising awareness around the incredible work carers do! A great way to showcase the incredible effort and care that goes into looking after residents is to help care providers open their online windows with regards to all the wonderful feedback they receive.  

Care homes can be amazing for companionship, friendship and activities but it can be a difficult time for relatives when trying to find the right care home, as this has never been easy, and that is why Person Centred Software have partnered with Autumna for #GladtoCare!  

What is Autumna?

Autumna offer expert impartial advice when looking for a care home, entirely free of charge!  

They use the information you provide to deliver a bespoke shortlist of suitable care homes, tailored around your needs – eliminating a lot of stress!  

Contact Autumna by calling 01892 335 330

If you’d prefer to search online yourself, the Autumna website will allow you to search the entirety of the UK for any type of care home.

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Autumna and Person Centred Software

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Person Centred Software offers a visitor management system called Digital Reception, which integrates with Autumna’s comprehensive directory, this allows care homes to gather valuable feedback in real-time.

Live Feedback  shows how each care home is performing and allows providers to gather valuable feedback in real-time. This feedback is gathered through Digital Reception, as it allows visitors to rate their experience across eight categories. The feedback is then sent from the Digital Reception to Autumna to update the care home's premium profile on Autumna, allowing ratings to be shared quickly and effortlessly.