• Remember that throughout our #GladtoCare Awareness Week you need to use the hashtag each and every day when highlighting why you're #GladtoCare. This will open your 'virtual doors' to the wider community. 
  • On Showcase Saturday (11th July 2020) we're inviting care homes around the United Kingdom to open their virtual doors by filming a virtual tour of their care home or producing a number of 360 degree images & videos.
  • We've listed a number of tips and areas to focus on below:


Film a 'Facebook Live' video

  • The live video is to showcase your care home and where you go around each public room and see residents taking part in activities. Really highlight your USPs and most importantly the personality of your care home. Prospective families want to see a variety of areas and what life will be like in your care home so imagine you are opening your doors and welcoming a family around your home. 
  • Provide information about your care home - how long you have been operating, whether you are part of a care group/independent, how many residents you can look after and your latest regulatory rating.
  • Take your live video tour - showcase your living spaces (ensure staff are wearing the correct PPE at all times); then show your bedrooms (make sure one is pre-made up and is close to a living space, so you aren't walking around for a long time. If you have tiered bedrooms, show them your 'best' one)show what type of food you offer and the eating area; and finally what activities residents take part in (give them a couple of live examples). You can film the live tour in any order and please remember this is just our suggestion. If you have other ideas, then please make the most of it!



  • You do not have to do a Live Tour but instead, film the above before Showcase Saturday and then upload the video on the Saturday using the #GladtoCare hashtag.



You can use your built-in camera app on your smartphone to take 360 photos and upload them to Facebook, using the #GladtoCare hashtag.

Below is a little guide for iPhone / iPad users:

  • Simply open the Camera app and select the Panorama functionality mode and capture a panoramic photo. It's worth noting, that the photos need to be a certain width for Facebook to recognise them as being 360-compatible. While it's hard to measure the width of a panoramic photo when taking it in the default Camera app, taking a full-length panoramic shot (until it automatically finishes) via the app should suffice.
  • Once you've captured your panoramic photo, simply open Facebook, browse your photo library and select your newly taken photo. Select the photo, follow the onscreen instructions and you should be presented with a preview of your new almost-360 Facebook photo. Then, all you need to do is simply add a caption and tap Publish to share it with #GladtoCare.


Implement the option of consumers booking virtual tours on your website

  • Hopefully, you have done one of the above options, so you are a pro now! You now need to consider having the option of consumers booking a virtual tour on your website. Simply add a banner, or direct people to phone you to book the tour.
  • Or, simply add these videos to your website, post about them on social media, and upload your video onto your listing on Autumna to maximise your presence.